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Relieve body pain

Body pain and fatigue will be the first intruder after an engaging day which is commonly experienced in 80% of the population. This discomfort might last for days and ruin our daily routine and also many health issues. Health issues such as fever, common cold fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypothyroidism and stress are main causes of body pain.

What causes body pain? 

The activities that we do might be overloading the normal function of muscles and ligaments which leads them to become sore and stiff.

Tips to get relieved from Body pain 

Massage with essential oil: Kutus Kutus is extracted from the leaves, seeds, flowers, fruits, and bark of some plants.  The consistency of the oil is created with the best absorption formulae and antioxidant property of the oil helps to heal the inflation and muscle soreness.

Treat with warm and cold water: cold water helps to slow down the nerve impulse that transfer the pain sensation and warm water helps to reduce the muscle soreness by adding little salt to the water promote osmosis (thus accelerate the process)

Inhale essential oils:  Inhaling essential oils for pain and inflammation through a diffuser or applying around the nape of neck can help you feel better.

Yoga: yoga may help to improve the flexibility and endurance of the muscle. Which also helps mentally to improve anxiety, release tension in migraine-trigger areas, and improve vascular health.