Stimulate Hair Growth

As we all love growing long and dense hair we need to understand the dos and don’ts of nurturing hair care. Hair grows from a root at the bottom of a follicle under your skin. The blood in your scalp goes to the follicle and supplies oxygen and nutrients to the hair root, which helps your hair grow.

While genetics does play a role in maintaining healthy hair growth, several other factors also come into play. Prepare your mind to wait, even more than you already are. Seriously hair grows up to half-an-inch a month max, and that’s if it’s in prime condition. It’s going to take a while. Now let’s look into the conditions that have to be looked upon.

Stress: it can be difficult to stop stress from taking over, but it is essential to learn to manage it as it can lead to conditions that cause hair loss. The bright side is that not all hair loss cases are permanent, so it can be fixed.

Cosmetic procedures and excessive hair cleansing: certain cosmetic procedures and excessive hair cleansing can have a harsh effect as it strips our hair. Natural oils help to regulate it.

Sun exposure:  can cause hair photo-aging and dryness. Sunlight on human hair causes photo-degradation. In addition, free radicals form in the hair fibers due to UV rays and change the hair’s physical properties and chemical composition.

Nutritional deficiencies are essential for you to maintain a healthy balanced diet. If we’re not putting the right nutrients into our body, this includes ensuring our iron levels are not low.

Explore essential oils: as the name suggests they contain nutrient property that regulated blood flow into the scalps and stimulated new follicle development. Herbal extracts have no side-effects when compared to synthetic oils.

Scalp massage: scalp massage may help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin. This, in turn, may lead to thicker, stronger hair that’s less likely to break off or become damaged.

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