After retiring from a high power International position, Bambang Pranoto, a man with a unique personality, decided to reside in the beautiful lush city of Gianyar in Bali, to be able to spend more time meditating and becoming one with nature.

During this time, Bambang experienced an unfortunate incident where he fell into a ravine whilst picking "kangkung", an Indonesian water spinach, to cook for lunch. 

The fall paralyzed Bambang in both legs. But rather than let this incident slow him down, Bambang instead used his time to focus on meditation. 

The meditations gave Bambang a vision about a healing oil. With help from friends, Bambang began gathering and blending various local medicinal plants and ingredients. And that's how the Kutus Kutus healing oil was created.

Bambang diligently applied Kutus kutus healing oil on his paralyzed legs regularly and as a result, he achieved full recovery!!!

After that, Bambang began sharing the oil remedy with his friends with ailments. When he saw and heard the testimonies of his healed friends, Bambang decided that this remarkable invention should be shared with the world.

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