Digestion is how your body turns food into nutrients and further for energy, growth, and cell repair. 

The digestive tract is a long twisting tube that starts at your mouth and ends at your anus. It's made up of a series of muscles that coordinate the movement of food and other cells that make enzymes and hormones to break down food.  

Muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility play an important role in digestion. The various factors that can affect this are stress, inadequate hydration, and sleep .etc. 

The physiology behind this is when muscles become tense, they can press against the intestines and stomach, restricting bowel movements.

This is why many people who experience chronic muscle tension also report indigestion and constipation and Headaches. 

There is some belief that muscle tension is linked to headaches and migraines. This makes sense considering the fact that tense muscles promote high blood pressure, which subsequently affects the nervous system.

The good news is that you can relieve muscle tension through massage therapy. A quick 30-60 minute session can make a world of difference in health. 

A professional massage therapist will use a variety of manipulation techniques to soothe your muscles, releasing any built-up tension within. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts that are derived from herbal plants. 

They’re extracted through the coal press technique, which makes sure that nutrient benefits are preserved.

Kutus kutus is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil that helps to ease muscle tension. Many people report a positive improvement in their muscle tension after just a single massage session. 

And if you return for multiple sessions, you’ll experience an even greater level of relief.

Essential oils have been used in alternative medicine for thousands of years, and the Western world is finally starting to take notice.

 They can help to treat a wide array of ailments, including constipation. They may relax the body, for example, or encourage muscle contractions, making it easier for the digestive system to function properly.

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