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Tanamu Tanami Facial Soap

Tanamu Tanami facial soap is made from selected local herbs, using ancient Balinese recipes that have been preserved through generations. 


Tanamu Tanami Facial Soap is a premium facial soap bar that tackles a variety of skin problems such as acne, skin scarring, redness in the skin, dry and chapped skin, damaged face pores, and many more. 

Tanamu Tanami Facial Soap also helps improve the condition of the skin. The concentrated pure coconut oil in it moisturizes and clarifies your skin.

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More details:

Here are some of the abundant benefits you will get from using Kalila Soap:

- It moisturizes and cares for your skin

- It refreshes and eliminates body odor

- It improves your sleeping quality

- It keeps your body warm, shielding your skin from infections

- It prevents and reduces acne, cures itchiness and fungal attacks 

- It remarkably reduces cellulite


Simply wet the skin, lather the bar, apply to the body, then rinse off with clean water for a sensation like no other.





Contains 50% Kutus Kutus local premium herbs, Tamanu oil, 20% Olive & Coconut oil, 30% traditionally produced premium selected local Balinese herbs.

Weight: 90 gr



Farmer-Crafted: 100% natural products

Perfect for: Body pain, skincare, and skin diseases

Packaging: May vary   



Store in a dry place at room temperature (±24°C), and avoid direct sunlight. 


36 months when sealed. 36 months once the product has been opened. For external use only.


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Tanamu Tanami

I have been using Tanamu Tanami Facial Soap for almost a year and after using it for a few weeks, my skin looks healthier and moisturized. I alternate between Tanamu Tanami Facial Soap and Kalila Kalila Body Bar. In addition, this soap helps treat acne on my back, where it has been difficult to heal acne on my back using chemical soaps. I highly recommend this soap for those of you who have skin problems!

Love it

I am a soap connoisseur. I also have extremely sensitive skin and have been combing the internet trying dozens of different natural soap brands. Fortunately I found this brand and product. The soap is amazing. I also purchased another two orders of the sample they sent. Clean, fresh, natural, great lather, great scent and long lasting. This is one of those forever products for me.

They are all so wonderful!

Absolutely love these soaps! My family has been using them for a little over a year. Our go to is the Kalila. The Tanamu Tanami has replaced the Johnson baby soap! It leaves his skin so soft and smelling so good! The bars last a good while when properly cared for. I scoffed a little at the price when my husband first ordered them. But we go through so little compared to other brands of bar soap. And I know it's just soap. The soap has helped clear up the little bumps on the back of my arms, and it doesnt dry the skin out like zest. It's even more moisturizing than say dove. It is so awesome!


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