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Tanamu Tanami skin oil


Tanamu Tanami skin oil is both anti-inflammatories as well as antioxidants.


Antioxidants embedded in the soap protect your skin by reducing and counteracting free radical matters that damage healthy skin cells and cause oxidative stress.

This unique and exclusive healing oil overcomes various skin problems, promotes new tissue growth, and rejuvenates your skin making it all healthy and glowing.

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More details:

Tanamu Tanami Skin Oil, which has been specially formulated to treat various skin problems, is made from a blend of selected herbs such as the Tamanu oil from the Tamanu or "Nyamplung" tree, Olive oil, Coconut oil, and many more.


Tanamu Tanami Skin Oil is very good for you because it contains ingredients such as calophyllolide (anti-inflammatory) and delta-tocotrienol (vitamin E), as well as several super antioxidants which are often also called xanthones.


Tanamu Tanami Skin Oil is effective in treating specific skin problems such as acne, rash, eczema, burn scars, boils, stretch marks, dry skin, cracks, and other skin problems in general, and it is also highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.





Contains 50% Kutus Kutus premium local herbs and Tanamu oil, 20% Olive & Coconut oil, 30% traditionally produced premium selected local Balinese herbs.

Weight: 100ml



Farmer-Crafted: 100% natural products

Perfect for: Body pain, skincare, and skin diseases

Packaging: May vary   



Store in a dry place at room temperature (±24°C), and avoid direct sunlight. If frozen, warm up the bottle in warm water and wait until the texture is applicable to use.



36 months when sealed. 36 months once the product has been opened. For external use only.


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This really help me thanks

Tanamu Tanami Oil is very good. I often have allergies and my skin is itchy and swollen when in dirty places, once I apply it to the skin, the itching and swelling immediately subsides. it feels rather warm if you use it and it smells of herbs so I think it's relaxing

Excellent Aromatherapy and After Shower Skin Humidifier

Excellent herbal aroma! It feels good on the skin, and it alleviates minor muscle aches and pains.” I use it also after my shower and I love what it does for my skin!


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